*drops something during presentation*



That LOOOONG walk home from school after the teacher called your mom


As a Chinese and Japanese American, I love it when people like Mike from the MikeBowShow evidence how racist movies are. I never watched Pitch Perfect but this video is perfect. He has a few other videos expressing similar outrage.

Never be too proud to apologise.
Mufti Ismail Menk (via quietmuslimah)
Much more likely you’ll hurt me. Still what does it matter? If I’ve got to suffer, it may as well be at your hands, your pretty hands.
Jean-Paul Sarte, No Exit (via larmoyante)


thanks to manga, everytime i see a comic strip i read it backwards and get confused



I was going to use this transparent I made for my blog, but plans changed. So, feel free to use it!  (。・ω・。)